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Only Lnx Pharma’s powerful Large-Scale Social Network Analysis technologies can map entire scientific communities—100,000 people or more. We show you the true leaders by uncovering the web of relationships hidden in vast amounts of data, revealing the connections between researchers, practice leaders, speakers, authors, organizations and activities. No surveys, bibliometrics or CRM system required.

Gain a decade’s worth of knowledge in 5 weeks. Friendly, kid-glove service from pharma’s most innovative and experienced social network analysis provider. We will walk your teams through the data, to ensure all workgroups get maximum value.

Lists are no longer enough. Lnx Pharma’s comprehensive deliverables give you the big picture as well as details, so your development, communication and engagement strategies can hit your targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Revolutionary abilities combined with our keen analysis and support—that’s Lnx Pharma.

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    ...Only the maps have changed.

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    During the Great Age of Exploration, top secret maps were the key to dominating markets...